Down & Out in Glenfinnan & Mallaig.

I’ve recently lost a couple of rolls of film, and then I dropped my camera on the floor, so this last roll of film was a test! I didn’t want to take pictures that I’d be gutted not to see (except for the ones of Charley and Claire at The Edinburgh Fringe!) I prefer pictures of people much more than landscapes, so my next posts will be mainly portraits.

Looking at these pictures I’m reminded of photos taken by my parents in the 1970’s, which is probably because they’re taken on the same kind of camera. There are two Instagram picture hidden in here – See if you can spot them!

P.s. I use film from Poundland, but would like to experiment with other film to see if it changes the quality. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

4 thoughts on “Down & Out in Glenfinnan & Mallaig.

  1. These evoke in me some great memories; specifically of a trip there I took to that area a few years ago, but also emotional memories of how it is to feel pleasure in the simplicity of life and the beauty of nature.

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  2. Loved these! The AE-1 always gives such a nostalgic feel.

    I have an AE-1 as well which I recently dug back out and I’m so glad I did as it’s beautiful – not got any film developed from it yet so it’ll probably be mediocre but it’s fun to play with again! Great minds clearly think alike, too, as I did a post of old photos from it the other day. FYI, Boots usually have great deals on film and I try kodak and fujifilm black and white and colour from there on the cheap so it’s good to play with 🙂


    1. Phoebe, that’s awesome! Just by the by, I love your blog and love checking out your posts about travelling in your camper van. I’d like to have a camper van one day! The world is your playground in one of those. Yes, the AE-1 is just unbeatable for me. I love them, they’re so resilient. Get that film printed, it’ll be fab! Not mediocre at all! I’d better get myself to boots then and see about that film- I think I might try some black and white pics when the weather turns. 🙂 xx


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